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Corporate social responsibility policy



Background and scope

The Qwik Group takes its fiduciary obligations seriously and operating our business in a responsible and ethical manner is core to our firm’s values. We consider corporate social responsibility to concern both how we behave as an organization and the investments directed by our strategies.

Below is a discussion of topics relevant to responsibility at The Qwik Group and includes governance, regulation, and environmental responsibility.


Regulation and ethics

The Qwik Group is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and has adopted a Code of Ethics that sets out the standard of business conduct that all employees must follow. The Code of Ethics makes a commitment to act ethically and with integrity, act in the best interests of clients, manage and disclose conflicts of interest, observe proper standards of market conduct and raise serious concerns or complaints about potentially unethical or improper conduct without fear of reprisal or dismissal.

Employees receive annual training on the Code of Ethics and other compliance training designed to ensure employees understand the regulatory standards and obligations that apply to The Qwik Group and to them as employees. A monitoring framework is in place to ensure adherence to The Qwik Group’s compliance policies and procedures.

The Qwik Group also understands the economic and social impact of financial crime and as a financial institution we have policies, procedures, systems and controls to comply with economic sanction regimes and to prevent our products and services being used for money laundering purposes or in connection with other types of financial crime including fraud, bribery and tax evasion.

In addition, we believe that effective regulation has a vital role to play in fostering innovations that are positive for society. The Qwik Group has long been a supporter of good rulemaking, and we seek to maintain open and constructive dialogue with the authorities that regulate our market activities worldwide.


Environmental responsibility

The Qwik Group is mindful of its environmental impact and seeks to adhere to the relevant environmental standards in the countries in which it operates.



We publish a number of statements and disclosures on our website, which are updated as appropriate.

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